Destination Wedding Venues in Rishikesh

Why choose Rishikesh for the Destination Wedding?

Rishikesh huddled at the foothills of Garhwal Himalayas, is alluringly beautiful and surely a treat to your eyes. The vibe here is both relaxed and solemn. The sound of temple bells ringing far away is just like music to your ears. The holy Ganges River running through the city is nothing short of nature’s paradise. The ubiquitous, charming company of yogis and the never-dying fragrance wafts in its breeze is nonetheless, always a plus. And destination weddings in Rishikesh can incorporate all of these elements rightly making it the most surreal celebration of all time.

What is the cost of a destination wedding in Rishikesh?

Wondering how much would a decent destination wedding in Rishikesh would cost you? Well, we have it all in a breakdown for you.
Ideally, a 2-3 day wedding in Rishikesh would cost you anywhere 5 to 10 lakhs onwards for a guest list of 100 people.
However the budget of any wedding majorly depends on factors such as the venue, the number of days of celebration and the number of people invited.

Venue – The venue for your celebrations plays an important part in deciding your budget for your destination wedding. Booking the same venue for all your functions can surely save you some money. Depending upon the scale of your wedding and your budget, you can easily find a wide variety of budget as well as luxury hotels.

The number of days – Ideally a destination wedding celebration lasts for about 3 days. Try to fit in as many rituals and functions in a day so that you wrap up the celebration in the minimum time. The more the days of celebration, the more your budget would increase.

Guestlist – Typically in a destination wedding, only close family members and friends are invited. If you are planning for a budget wedding then the guestlist for the same should not go up beyond 100-150 people.

What is the best time to have a Destination Wedding in Rishikesh?

The climate here is a continental type but its location in the foothills gives it pleasant weather throughout the year. however, the right time to plan a wedding in Rishikesh is March to May (Summer Season) and October to February ( Winter Season )

Summer Season – March to May – Temperature 14 to 39 °C

Winter Season – October to February -Temperature 8 to 34 °C

How to host a budget destination wedding in Rishikesh?

Wrap up all the ceremonies in 2-3 days.

Invite your close family members and friends.

Book Budget hotels

You can message us for detailed advice as we are Rishikesh-based event planners.

How to book or get quotes from different venues in Rishikesh?

There are various venues listed on our website.

Need personalised venue suggestions you can call us on 7017728937 or mails us at